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Understanding Electrical Panel Renovations


To safeguard your home from any accidents caused by electricity, electrical panels need to be upgraded when need be.  There is a circuit breaker for each circuit that is situated at the board and the circuits supply electricity to the home.   The breaker disconnects power supply when there is power surges and this prevents damage to electrical components in the house.  Power surges negative effects are prevented by the action of circuit breakers. The purpose of service panels is to cut the supply of power anytime there is overheating or power surges. Basically, the breaker is the one that actually cuts power supply.


 Even though the breaker serves this purpose, its effectiveness is reduced by other factors and they are the reasons why a periodical panel upgrade is important.   Most of the fires that have been reported in America are due to faulty wires.  The older the home is the more the risk of fire due to faulty wires.  Fires caused by faulty wires have higher chances of occurring in old homes.  It is important that the system is upgraded if cables do not meet the standard requirements or the insulation and other parts have worn out.    There will be warning signs of an impending need to upgrade the electrical panel.    Anytime the lights are unusually flickering, a burning smell near electronics, sparks in sockets and discoloured power outlets.  Get quoted here!


Fuses are not many in the houses built before 1960 because the circuits that use the fuses are few. Only 30-90 amps for the entire home can be handled by the fuses.  Today, such fuses is not adequate for the needs of a home.  Only from 100 to 400 amperes are capable of meeting the needs of the home. Fuses in the older homes thus became a potential for the occurrence of fire.    To prevent such occurrences, replace the fuses with circuit breakers.  The addition of more electronic equipment like air conditioners will prompt the home owner to upgrade the electrical panel because there will be more usage of power. The electronic appliances will not be within the capacity of the amps and this will cause the power supply to be cut occasionally by the circuit breaker.   The electrical panel must be upgraded whenever the outlets are not enough for plugging electronic equipment.


Excessive strips and cords should not be used as they increase the threats of fire. The circuits and outlets should only be installed by an expert electrical contractor.   This is a great step to safeguard the home from electrical fire accidents.  Take action immediately you realize unusual functioning of appliances. Learn more today!

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